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Department Of Business Economics
University Of Delhi, South Campus,
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why MBE?

Master of Business Economics (MBE) Program offered by University of Delhi, founded in 1973, was instituted to focus on the crucial nexus between Business and Economics. The program offers its students an enhanced understanding of business fundamentals augmented with Applied Economics. Thus the course aims at creating future managers who can bring together management techniques with economic theories to take well informed decisions in the ever changing business environment.

The curriculum of the program spans across the fields of Finance, Marketing and Economics along with the quantitative perception of the markets to understand and predict their behaviour in future without losing the sight of environmental considerations of such business activities.

To provide students with a holistic picture of business, the course offers dual specialization to its students. In the first year, the year students are given a strong grounding in fundamentals of micro and macro economics, quantitative techniques and other relevant functional areas.

Specializations are offered in the second year in the following areas:

  • Quantitative techniques in business
  • Business Finance
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Human Resource Management
  • Economics of Infrastructure and Regulation
  • Agriculture and Resource Economics

MBE today attracts people who have the potential and drive to lead, own, create and transform business enterprises. We have an unmatched ability to integrate the functional areas of business and to fasten them formally to the global, high tech marketplace, where those possessing a judicious mix of expertise and judgment, coupled with logical and analytical decision making skills manage the world's resources.

Furthermore, the expert guidance of the learned faculty, both permanent and visiting, ensures that the students benefit from their vast sea of knowledge and industry exposure. Linkages with international universities and organizations and an ever evolving teaching pedagogy have kept the course dynamic and industry oriented even after 36 years of its inception.

As a part of the curriculum, students perform group assignments, case studies and projects involving rigorous analysis of business related data from sources such as World Bank/IMF/HBR etc. The program also requires all the students to intern with recognized organizations for a period of two months at the end of 1st year. During the internship students not only get to apply the classroom, they also get acclimatized to the working environment of public and private sectors Apart from this, the plethora of business and cultural activities organized round the year ensures holistic development of students.

Thus, the 2 rigorous and enriching years spent at Arts Faculty, South Campus guarantees that students enter the business world from the word go and act as catalysts of change from the word go.