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Department Of Business Economics
University Of Delhi, South Campus,
Benito Juarez Road, Dhaulan Kuan,
New Delhi-110021


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Placement Committee

The team, comprising both first and final year students, endeavors to identify student-organization fit by selecting, targeting and inviting organizations to the campus for summer internship as well as for final placements. The team also coordinates between students and faculty to develop the requisite skill set to meet the needs and expectations of the organizations.

Alumni Committee

The team comprises of students from current batch and our distinguished alumni. It seeks to provide a fruitful interaction with the industry by inviting alumni to share their experiences with budding business economists. The committee is also responsible for publishing the Annual Chronicle and organizing events such as The Annual Alumni Meet and periodic luncheons.

Convention Committee

The team is responsible for organizing the flagship event of the department, the Annual Convention. Right from conceptualizing the theme of the Convention to coordinating with the distinguished speakers – all the logistics are taken care of by the committee. Under the guidance of a faculty member, the team seeks to organize an event which brings academicians, policy makers and industry experts together to share their views on a relevant theme.

Corporate Communications Cell

The CCC acts as a link between the Department and the corporate world. It aims at fostering a fruitful relationship with the industry. The cell disseminates information on various events organized by the Department through the press and works towards garnering sponsorships for major events.

The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board publishes the annual magazine titled "THE BUSINESS ECONOMIST", containing the views of industry experts, alumni and articles by students on the theme of the Annual Convention. It also publishes the "ANNUAL CHRONICLE" at the end of the academic session, which gives a roundup of all the events and activities of the Department throughout the academic session. Additionally, the Editorial Board is also involved in drafting various other communications during the course of manyactivities and events of the Department.

Website Team

The Media Cell is responsible for keeping the MBE brand active and vibrant on all the mediums – online, print, TV and radio. The team coordinates the print and TV partners during the major events of the department so that the events are well publicized. The cell is active on the major MBA forums and regularly updates the members of such forums on all queries regarding MBE.