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Department Of Business Economics
University Of Delhi, South Campus,
Benito Juarez Road, Dhaulan Kuan,
New Delhi-110021


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Blue-Chips: The Finance Club

The Finance Club explores various financial practices from a practical point of view to add to theoretical knowledge. Once again, the tools of lectures, competitions and quizzes are employed to develop an understanding of various aspects of finance, thus enabling the students to pursue coveted careers in finance.

MarkBiz: The Marketing Club

The Marketing Club endeavours to complement theoretical knowledge with understanding and application of professional marketing practices. By means of various distinguished lectures, competitions and quizzes, the club tries to develop an understanding of various aspects of marketing in the students and assists them in their pursuit of marketing careers by educating them about the different career opportunities in the field of marketing.

The Economics Society

The Economics Society was conceptualized to take forward the theory taught in class room to real life happenings in the world, forming a crucial link in the learning process at MBE. Society organizes regular discussions on various current events, seminars and documentary sessions. An annual event was organized by the society, involving the best of minds from the academia as well as the corporate world.